Class on Olive Oil

An absolute must if you are in Tuscany, the homeland of the best Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We will talk about the history of olive oil and its nutritional properties, learn the meaning of words like EXTRA VIRGIN, COLD PRESSED and CULTIVAR. You will know the names of the different varieties and their origin.
02 - oli-assaggio-03 - Olive oil tasting58A58 - pinzimonio per lezione olio With Italy having the largest patrimony of endemic species – there are over ninety different varieties, you will be taught how to distinguish between plus points and defects. Using your senses you will understand the meaning of fruity green, bitter and pungent. We hope that at the end of the sessions you will become a more confident consumer. Duration of the class: 1h ½ Includes three ‘professional’ tastings of three different varieties of Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (served with crackers, apple and sparkling water to ‘clean’ your mouth between one testing and the next) and three ‘soft’ tastings of Extra Virgin Olive oil on bruschetta and with fresh vegetables. Plus if you feel adventurous you may also like to learn more and taste an ‘imperfect’ extra virgin olive oil. THERE ARE NO BAD QUALITY OILS THOUGH THERE ARE SOMETIMES MISTAKES MADE DURING THE HARVEST AND THE PRESSING OF THE OLIVES: A RULE WHICH APPLIES TO EVERY COUNTRY WHICH PRODUCES EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL

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