Silvia Maccari

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I am Silvia Maccari and have been teaching Italian cooking techniques to both passionate cooks and professional Chefs in Florence and around the world for over twenty years.

I have taught in the USA, Germany and in London. I have shared my knowledge with Marriott Executive Chefs in Europe and Great Britain, Aldiana Chefs in Germany and held lectures on the history of Italian cooking and it’s world famous ingredients.

Ultimately my main passion is EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: whilst attending the programme to become a certified, licensed and registered olive oil tester, I realised how little we Italians know about this important ingredient and how ambiguous and incorrect the information we receive often is.

This is the reason that I decided to launch OLIO

Anybody visiting Florence can attend a class with me. You will receive accurate information about this fantastic ingredient used in so much Italian cooking, understand imperfections and take with you useful and valuable suggestions on how best to choose a good Extra Virgin Olive Oil to cook in all recipes and salad dressings.

Piazza Pietro Leopoldo 8 - Firenze
Tel. 055 461381 - Cell. +39 348 2793443
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