Dicono di noi


The cooking class was once again an incredible experience.  I know my friend Marcia really enjoyed the class as well and will forward your request to her.  The trip to the market is always a highlight and the class experience was wonderful.  I was concerned that it might be too difficult with 4 people given the space constraints but it worked out well.  I look forward to making the Halloween lasagna!!!



Dear Silvia,

I just wrote my review for the Backroads trip. I thanked them for the

recommendation to you and told them how wonderful the class was and

that they should include cooking classes with you for the trip.

Your cooking class was the highlight of our vacation. We are still

raving about it. The market tour was amazing, especially the

balsamic vinegar tasting. Your knowledge of all of the meats, cheeses

and produce is wonderful. Your cultural, historical and religious

input was so interesting to us. Of all of our tour guides during our

time in Italy, you were our favorite. Then the cooking class in your

home was perfect. We are going out today to buy a pasta machine so we

can make the wonderful lasagna. And of course the meal was a perfect

ending to a wonderful day. We really enjoyed the other 2 women who

joined us, it worked out perfectly. Reflecting on our entire trip,

our day with you was our favorite time.

We would return to Florence just for a cooking class with you.

Cherisa & Alex



Thank you so much for your warm Italian hospitality. We learned so much about Italian cooking and about tuscan people. This was one of our best experience in Tuscany. The food was absolutely wonderful! Thanks again

Joan, JoEllen & Anne



The remainder of our visit to Italy was wonderful.

Our family enjoyed the one day excursion to the Chianti region. That day long tour and the cooking class in your apartment were the highlights of our visit to Italy.

best regards,



Hi Silvia,

I hope you are getting these e-mails! My partner and I would love to hire you to help us at the market and to cook dinner while we are in Florence on the first or second of march. Our friends Jonathon and Jennifer XXXX hHighly reccommend your services!

Thank you!

Sincerely ,




We got back yesterday from our vacation. Many thanks from all of us for our cooking class. It was the highlight of our tour. The cooking and eating were wonderful. We will use the recipes you taught us and that will bring back fond memories of our trip.

We felt we got to know a little bit more about life in Florence with our tour of the market and spending time with someone who lives there. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

If you have the opportunity to visit either of our cities – Chicago or Philadelphia, please contact us.

Fond regards,

Bettie, Bob, Linda and Michael


A quick note to make sure you arrived home safely and on time. It was a great visit and I am so pleased that you were able to come to Chester again. I have heard from nearly all of the participants in the cooking school – all thanking us for an excellent 2 days. From all accounts, it was a great success.

Big hug to you from Doug and I.



Hello Silvia

Thank you for last week’s cooking classes, I must admit, sabayon has now grown in my esteem, thanks to you.

I have also well taken note on the pasta, I assume you can use this same recipe for all pastas, spaghetti, linguini etc…

Thanks again, and I hope that you can come to visit us here in Geneva or in the mountains.




Dear Silvia,

Jeannie, Gail and I thoroughly enjoyed the class and you once again. I know this is a professional service but it is so much more because of the chance to see how your life and work is progressing. It gives us a window into the culture of the moment when in Florence. The changes at the SL Market shows instantly the underlying changes in the city. We delighted in seeing and hearing how your innovative career path is working out. The Marriott chef experience in Warsaw is just such an example.

If you should ever visit the West Coast, Jeannie and I would welcome you as our house guest and we will do the cooking!!

Fond regards,



I had the great pleasure to meet Silvia Maccari in the summer of 2006, for the first time, when she took on the challenge to guide a group of food lovers from Marriott International into the halls of the Florence food market.

Mrs. Maccari was striking with her knowledge, dedication and passion. What was supposed to take an hour ended up being over three of great fun, anecdotes, wisdom and interesting tidbits.

Having been so impressed we hired Mrs. Maccari to instruct our European Executive Chefs on the essence of great ingredients and the culture of traditional Italian food. Mrs. Maccari has faced the scrutiny of over 70 chefs and has each time wowed her audience with her mentioned knowledge, passion and skill behind the oven.

….In over 25 years of experience in the Food and Beverage field I have not hat the pleasure to meet another Silvia Maccari . There is simply no better one.


Wolgang Lindlbauer

RVPs Operations Marriott International CE


Thank you for the cooking class!

Just a quick note to say “thank you” for the wonderful cooking class. We enjoyed our biscottini throughout our entire trip in Italy and ate the last few crumbs on our flight from London to San Francisco. We have not tried the recipes yet, but we look forward to making the soup on a cold winter day here in San Francisco. We really want to extend a welcome to you if you are ever in San Francisco. Again, we have wonderful memories and can still taste the food we prepared.


Donna, Lonny and Alex


Sin tiempo aparente, con sus interminables variaciones y originalidades que surgen de una cultura milenaria, pueblo a pueblo toma su propio carácter, guía y enseña la sencillez y vanguardia de platos que desde siempre parecen renovarse e inspirar la cultura culinaria en todo el mundo. La cocina italiana siempre tiene algo que decir, la encontramos en muchas nuevas tendencias que cada vez más se desarrollan en el inmenso mundo del comer.

En una tarde de mayo de 2008 en Alemania, Silvia ha sabido transmitir con sabiduría y platos simples, magistralmente elaborados, lo que debería ser el concepto de desarrollo de los menús que, nosotros profesionales de la cocina, deberíamos implementar y ofrecer a nuestros clientes en los restaurantes y hoteles que lideramos en todo el mundo.

Personalmente ha sido un placer conocer y aprender de Silvia, ha sido una experiencia inspiradora de la cual ha traído a mi trayectoria profesional una renovada motivación.

Gracias Silvia

Giovanni Romanin

Executive chef

Mallorca Marriott Son Antem Golf Resort & SPA


Elderhostel/Roadscholar Slow food Piedmont tour

-Silva is an absolute professional and took care of every detail for everyone in the group. I would be very happy to attend any of her tours. Extrem knowledgeable and was very willing to answer any questions with authority that the group asked her

-Silvia Maccari was a treasure. She was extremely knowledgeable about the area, the foods and their preparation as well as the wines. Her English was wonderful. A truly delightful and beautiful woman with a sense of style as well as humor. She was the highlight of the tour.

-Slivia is a very KNOWIEDGEABLE, KIND, and CARING person. She made our trip.

-Silvia was an excellent guide for this trip. She knows food and offered some amazing history and hints whenever she spoke about food. I have discovered more about her on the internet and plan to read what I can about her work. Furthermore, she’s a resourceful leader who was able to solve the many problems, big and small, that happen on these trips. I hope to see her on other RS events in the future.



A window on culture through the art of food preparation. Italian character, travel, Firenze art and a guide to the complexity of Tuscany. A day spent with Silvia whether in a kitchen, art museum or the backroads of Tuscany is a a cross between tutor and mentor but always a delight.


Marriott International wanted to teach 20 GM’s who came through non Food & Beverage disciplines the basics of the Kitchen, Events and Service. Florence in Italy was chosen as a location as we wanted to totally immerse the GM’s into the world of food & beverage and surround them with passionate people. Silvia Maccari was chosen as one of the professionals and was very helpful in putting the programme together. She did demonstrations in the kitchen showing how to make the perfect Risotto for example. Then assisted four teams who daily produced amazing lunches and dinners. We did a trip to the local food market where Silvia explained the difference between the varying qualities of olive oil and Balsamic vinegars. At the end of the five day workshop everyone agreed it was one os the most useful and enjoyable trainings they had been on, it also gave them confidence that they had lacked before in the food & beverage areas.

Through this success we then invited Silvia on a road show of the UK where she did training in six different clusters of hotels for our Executive Chefs and launched an authentic Italian menu in England, Scotland and Wales.

Silvia has a wonderful way of teaching people of all levels and a true professional and a pleasure to work with.

Paul Downing

Vice President of Operations UK, Ireland, Middle East & Africa,

Marriott International

Piazza Pietro Leopoldo 8 - Firenze
Tel. 055 461381 - Cell. +39 348 2793443
Tuscany Villas